27 July 2013
27 July 2013,

Even if laser hair removal treatments have been tested for several years, both patients and practitioners still need to focus on laser hair removal safety reminders before and after doing the procedure. With these laser hair removal safety reminders in mind and if all is done properly, then the treatment will be a success.

For clients and patients

* Before doing the procedure, be sure to check with a licensed doctor or dermatologist if you are a candidate for laser hair removal treatment or not. This is because not all can have this treatment. A person whose skin is too dark may not be able to have this kind of treatment, and also if skin is allergic to bright lights. People who are tanned must remove tan before the procedure. More laser hair removal safety measures must be provided for those who have skin problems or diseases, pregnant, has metal implants, and has pacemaker.
* Laser beams if directly applied on the eye may damage retina causing blindness. So be sure that you use safety goggles/glasses specially made for this kind of procedure for protection.
* After each laser session, you should avoid direct sun exposure or hot treatments like Jacuzzi or hot waxing.

For laser technicians and salon clinics

* Laser treatment duration per session must be limited since it uses high frequency radiation that may cause burning to the skin. Be sure to read instruction manual on how long it should be done depending on the area treated.
* One major laser hair removal safety reminder is to have your clinic’s laser equipment have a routine check, maintenance and repair, if its broken. Check the warning indicator led which signals if there is something wrong. Be sure to have an FDA clearance for your laser equipment.Laser Hair Removal Safety
* In the past, cold gel is applied to the patient’s skin before putting the laser beam. But nowadays, modern laser equipments already have a built-in cooling system connected at the tip of the beam. Double check if your equipment comes with it or not.
* Laser technicians should have the proper training in using these delicate equipments. They should also apply the laser beam in small portions before going to big areas.

Both patients and practitioners should avoid pointing the laser beam that would have a reflection like jewellery, glass, windows, glass doors, etc. It should also be performed in a well-ventilated room because sometimes laser beam emits a smoke that can be hazardous to your health. Be sure to follow all of these laser hair removal safety reminders for a painless and successful laser hair removal treatment.

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