27 July 2013
27 July 2013,
With summer right around the corner increasingly patients are calling to schedule their laser hair removal appointments. After all, who wants to deal with razor rash and bumps, stubble and five o’clock shadow when its beach time.
Laser hair removal was performed experimentally for about 20 years before it became commercially available in the mid-1990s. Recently it has become one of the most sought after cosmetic treatments available. Most people have unwanted hair somewhere on his or her body.  Over the last decade it has overshadowed traditional hair removal due to the ease of treatment and favorable results. Shaving may only last a day, waxing a couple of weeks and electrolysis is especially painful and can take forever! Laser hair removal is the perfect solution, removing unwanted hair faster and more effectively. It is also THE MOST safe and effective method for treating large areas such as a legs, backs and chest areas.
Here are some of the most common questions asked in a laser hair removal Castle Hill consultation at Beauty At The Towers:
Laser Hair Removal Castle Hill

Who is a candidate for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be performed on all areas of the body and on all types of skin.
How does it work?
The laser emits pulses of energy that translate into heat that are absorbed into the hair follicle. The heat then cauterizes the base of the hair follicle sealing off the blood flow that serves as food source for the hair. The follicle then becomes inactive and ceases to produce hair.
How do I prepare for my treatment?
At Beauty at the Towers we recommend you shave the area you wish to treat the day before your treatment. We also suggest you abstain from waxing or plucking the area for at least 3 weeks before treatment. Make sure your skin is clean and free of lotions and make up when you arrive at the office. Most importantly, avoid tanning for at least 2 weeks before your appointment.
What can I expect during my treatment?
Patients often say it feels similar to the snap of a rubber band. A topical numbing agent may be used if needed, however most patients tolerate this treatment without it. You will experience redness, puffiness or in some rare instances bruising post treatment. These side effects are all minimal and temporary.
What kind of laser do you use?
At Beauty at the Towers  we are proud to offer The Candela GentleLASE Laser.
How many laser hair treatments are required?
Typically patients will see results in even one treatment although four to six treatments at 4-6 week intervals. After completion of your treatment series you will need an occasional maintenance treatment to stay hair free.
How do I get started?
By scheduling your complimentary consultation! Our experienced laser nurse will help you create your individual treatment plan and review cost with you. You may even be able to start that day!
Contact Us  to schedule complimentary consultation of Laser hair removal castle hill at Beauty At The Towers

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